Saturday, 5 January 2013

Velodrome & Watch This Space...

Tonight see's me taking my trauma therapy to a new level after my cycling RTC. 
I'm off to the Velodrome ?!? Scared - Lots of bikes and unexpected noises - YES! 
Hoping it goes well and brings me one step closer to recovery... wish me luck!
Manchester Velodrome (C) S-C Peace
2013 will be bringing more campaigns and support for existing ones, keep checking this blog to see what you can do to make our roads "safer for cyclists and safer all".

Next week will see the launch of; How you can campaign for '20's Plenty' where you live. Followed swiftly by the creation of a 'Rural Cyclists Wishlist'. 'Ride of Silence' is looking likely for May too.

You can start emailing me direct - peace - with your comments and suggestions for making a 'Rural Cyclists Wishlist' helping cyclists feel safer on our roads. I will be focusing on Shropshire, but there's nothing stopping you from following my lead and campaigning where you live. I look forward to hearing from you.