Saturday, 10 November 2012


Even from the moment I hit the tarmac I knew I didn't want this unfortunate incident to be for nothing. As soon as I was able I started campaigning;

"Safer Roads for Cyclists = Safer Roads for All" 


Even from my hospital bed during my more lucid moments I found this campaigning almost therapeutic as a side effect of being useful it helped focus my mind forwards away from the terrible  trauma my body and mind had been subjected to.

I have already successfully campaigned to raise awareness and encourage participation in the British Cycling Campaign to 'Get Involved' with the Early Day Motion (EDM407) Justice review. This EDM saw a greater public interest than has been known before and Parliament agreed to meet with British Cycling to discuss matters further despite previous requests not being accepted. This was a great step forward and I am proud to have played my part in getting friends, family and distant acquaintances to contact their local MPs UK wide.

Further more my local MP replied to my letter for the Justice Review EDM407 stating that I would be getting a response from the Secretary of State for Health in light of my this space, I remain hopeful that I have made a strong impact.

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