Saturday, 10 November 2012


"My Aim is To Encourage & Protect Cyclists"
'Safer Roads for Cyclists = Safer Roads for All'

"I have been a cyclist for over 20 years and a driver for over 15 years. I have never caused an accident, but sadly in the space of 13 months I was unfortunate to firstly be on the receiving end of a truck whilst driving and secondly by a car whilst cycling home"

Both accidents were totally unexpected, on both occasions I was hit from behind and they were both traumatic but the cycling incident was by far the worst experience I have had to suffer. As a cyclist you are far more vulnerable out there on two wheels rather than being encased in a heavy chunk of metal and plastic. 

I was hospitalised for 2 weeks as a result of the cycling RTC and have yet to recover from the injuries I sustained almost 12 weeks on and I am still unable to walk. That said I was born to fight and fight I will in the shape of campaigning, my mission is to help create peace on our roads, my belief is that "Safer Roads for Cyclists = Safer Roads for All"

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