Thursday 14 February 2013

A 10mph speed reduction means injuries are 60% less serious

“20’s Plenty for Us” road danger reduction campaign


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Benefits of a default 20mph speed limit

   1/3rd of the country is already signed up for 20mph

   8 million people already live in places committed to 20mph

   20mph means fewer crashes

   on average 20mph creates 20% fewer casualties

   traffic flows smoothly & at a constant speed

   smooth traffic is more efficient & cuts congestion

   Bristol found walking & cycling increased by 20% & for every
  £1 spent implementing 20mph £24 was saved in health costs

   exercise lowers obesity, heart disease and stress

   20mph saves 12% of fuel reducing costs & emissions

   travel times are only effected by 2 minutes of less

   noise pollution is reduced by 40%

   light touch policing can enforce 20mph limits

“It’s hard to find anyone living in a 20mph street who wants it back at 30mph”
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