Sunday 17 November 2013

World Day of Rememberance

Today is UN World Day of Remeberance

in honour of all those lives lost or injured on roads...

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(c) S-C Peace

With so many lives being lost or broken on our roads and in particular those of cyclists with an overwhelming number in the past week it's time to take a stand. 

Respect all those effected, change the 'them & us' approach to 'we are all human & trying to get somewhere'. Help to raise awareness on our roads. We can sit and hope for attitudes to change or we can take action and do something about it. An important step is helping people realise the vulnerability of different types of road users. Education is very much needed as we all know. 

An improved justice system is definitely needed and here's where you can help; I am campaigning with #CTC for safer roads with their #roadjustice petition please sign 10,500+ and counting!