Thursday 3 July 2014

Road Safety and British Cycling

BBC Poll sparks interview on BBC Radio Shropshire LIVE with Jim Hawkins...

A recent Poll of 3000 people carried out by the BBC suggests

"Roads are 'too dangerous' for cyclists" 

Today I was invited to share my story with BBC Radio Shropshire 
on the Jim Hawkins show.

I became physically and psychologically injured whilst cycling on the road in a serious RTC August 2012 at the sole fault of the motorist. My life was stopped it was turned upside down. I am about to spend my 3rd and possibly 4th stay in hospital. Here's an insight into what happened... 

LISTEN AGAIN HERE 1st - 8th July 2014: from 2.17 

This completely avoidable RTC sensitized me to road safety. I am not against cycling, I am not anti motorist, I am trying to make positive change towards safer roads and an enhanced environment. which generated my research into helping to improve our roads this research led me to 2 important campaigns;

Campaigning for 20mph to become the default speed limit on residential and urban streets. The '20s Plenty for Oswestry' group campaign is supported by; Residents, Commuters, Business Owners, Oswestry Town Council, Local West Mercia Police and the Police Crime Commissioner Bill Longmore...furthermore the Leader of Shropshire County Council happily goes on record saying;

"I openly support 20mph for Oswestry" Keith Barrow 01.07.14

Campaigning with a 3 pronged approach to improving the safety of our roads. A 'Sentencing and Courts' debate was held at Bedford Row, London June 2014 with specialist attendees; Simeon Maskrey QC, Martin Porter QC, Chris Brace, Joseph Giret, Sally Cunningham, Katy Waterman, Liz Evans, Kaya Burgess and Paul Kitson along with RTC victims, road safety campaigners, MPs and the press. You can see sound bites from the event here;

Road Justice aims to ensure that when an RTC occurs; 
  • Police Investigations 
  • Prosecution Levels 
  • Sentencing and Courts 
Are set at an appropriate level.

An overhaul of Sentencing for driving offenses is long overdue and is currently being looked into for revision at all levels.

What can you do to help?

It's time for change on our roads. Spare a few minutes to click on the CTC 'Road Justice' links below and be a part of positive change.

You can also support '20s Plenty for Oswestry' by emailing the 4 Local Shropshire Councillors;

(copy and paste each address into your email)

There are a growing number of campaigns and initiatives to improve road safety and the community;
  • Government Cycle to Work Initiative
  • NICE & Sustainable Transport initiatives to increase active travel 
  • Sustrans #saferstreets
  • The Times #cyclesafe manifesto  
  • Brake National #GO20
... and many many more

Acting now really could make change & save lives!