Tuesday 17 June 2014

20s Plenty for Oswestry Newsletter 17.06.14

Campaign News & General Info…
  • West Mercia Police, Public Health, National Heart Forum, Keith Barrow all support slower speeds.
  • Liz Kessler Urban Designer recognises more walk-able streets boost local business through increased footfall.
  • Oswestry Town Centre has been surveyed with an average speed of 21mph; this means the top speed is approximately 40mph!

  • Shrewsbury will soon benefit from a coherent 20mph scheme across its Town Centre.

  • Over 200 campaigns either implemented or in progress across UK.

  • Implementation of 20mph is inexpensive at less than £5 per person.

  • 80% of people support 20s Plenty where implemented.

  • Shropshire Roads Policy seems to have a technical note that does not quite follow the DfT Guidance where 20mph should be the normal limit for residential streets; it appears that if 1 Local Shropshire Councillor is opposed it could prevent implementation.

Email Local Shropshire Councillors with your support for 20mph…
Keith Barrow, Oswestry South Division
Martin Bennett, Oswestry East Division
Peter Alun Cherrington, Oswestry East Division
Vince Hunt, Oswestry West Division

Some of the many Benefits of 20mph…
  • Improves road safety and reduces injury severity should impact occur.
  • Reduces vehicle running costs, lowers emissions and creates smoother traffic flow at junctions
  • 20mph provides a foundation to increase walking and cycling, reduces health problems and increases visits to local shops.

Many boroughs are using 20mph speed limits to reduce road casualties and encourage more people to walk and cycle. Where shoppers feel safe, higher numbers concentrate and spend rises.” 20s Plenty for Us