Sunday 5 May 2013

CTC Cycling Campaign for Justice Reform for Vulnerable Road Users

As an injured cyclist my experience has been documented to demonstrate how the legal system fails to deter bad driving. 

Every year 1000s of VRUs (Vulnerable Road Users) ie pedestrians, cyclist and motor cyclists are injured or killed on UK roads. I am one of 3 UK injured cyclists campaigning for Justice Reform with CTC the National Cycling Charity to improve the way the legal system handles VRUs to improve road safety and ensure justice. 

  • RTCs with VRUs are often not thoroughly investigated by police/coroners, leading the CPS to throw out charges due to lack of evidence/coroner verdicts
  • Drivers at fault are often given the choice of a driver awareness course or accepting a charge
  • Charges of ‘careless’ rather than ‘dangerous’ driving are favoured by the CPS, leaving courts limited to issuing lenient sentences. Failing to; deter bad driving, enforce re-testing or raise driving standards
  • VRUs are more often than not assumed to be the guilty party until proven otherwise
  • There is no guidance or victim support for VRUs following an often life changing RTC

By improving the legal system for VRUs bad drivers will be prosecuted with appropriate punishment. The fear of prosecution and a long-term driving ban/damaging fine will motivate drivers to exercise greater caution.

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Saturday 4 May 2013

20s Plenty Oswestry Update

20mph Petition Gains Local Backing...

A big thank you to all venues and individuals who are supporting the 20s Plenty campaign for Oswestry. The latest count of signatures is now reaching 870 with a few paper petitions still to collect in...This is well over the quota for scrutiny committee with Shropshire Council and just over 10% of the towns population so things are looking promising.

Peace Cycling having exceeded its original goal is now aiming for 1000 signatures ASAP.

Oswestry Town Council recently voted officially in favour of the proposed 20mph default speed limit and Oswestry Chamber of Commerce held an informal meeting also voting in it's favour.

If you live or work in Oswestry district the online e-petition has now closed and the majority of paper petitions are in, however if you wish to add your support to this road danger reduction campaign please send your details to be added;

Name. Address, Email, Telephone number to