Monday 23 December 2013

Oswestry Town Council makes 20mph a priority to Shropshire Council

Firstly thanks to all who are continually supporting '20mph Oswestry'

Recently the topic of 20mph for Oswestry has been briefly mentioned at the first meeting of the Transport Group for Oswestry. Sadly only a brief mention, but a mention none the less! There was also mention of 'Shared Space' which is a sign that people are moving towards safer streets which is good news.

Following this at the last Oswestry Town Council public meeting Councillor Duncan Kerr proposed that Oswestry Town Council inform Shropshire that 20mph for Oswestry is a priority, this was approved which is an absolutely fantastic result.

So watch this space...change is becoming more and more possible...Oswestry may well join the growing number of towns with 20mph in place.

Merry Christmas, stay safe.