Monday 23 December 2013

Oswestry Town Council makes 20mph a priority to Shropshire Council

Firstly thanks to all who are continually supporting '20mph Oswestry'

Recently the topic of 20mph for Oswestry has been briefly mentioned at the first meeting of the Transport Group for Oswestry. Sadly only a brief mention, but a mention none the less! There was also mention of 'Shared Space' which is a sign that people are moving towards safer streets which is good news.

Following this at the last Oswestry Town Council public meeting Councillor Duncan Kerr proposed that Oswestry Town Council inform Shropshire that 20mph for Oswestry is a priority, this was approved which is an absolutely fantastic result.

So watch this space...change is becoming more and more possible...Oswestry may well join the growing number of towns with 20mph in place.

Merry Christmas, stay safe.

Sunday 17 November 2013

World Day of Rememberance

Today is UN World Day of Remeberance

in honour of all those lives lost or injured on roads...

Picture sourced from

(c) S-C Peace

With so many lives being lost or broken on our roads and in particular those of cyclists with an overwhelming number in the past week it's time to take a stand. 

Respect all those effected, change the 'them & us' approach to 'we are all human & trying to get somewhere'. Help to raise awareness on our roads. We can sit and hope for attitudes to change or we can take action and do something about it. An important step is helping people realise the vulnerability of different types of road users. Education is very much needed as we all know. 

An improved justice system is definitely needed and here's where you can help; I am campaigning with #CTC for safer roads with their #roadjustice petition please sign 10,500+ and counting!  

Thursday 26 September 2013

Oswestry Town Council 20mph Next Stage

Another step has now been taken with

20mph for Oswestry...


Yesterday (25.09.13) Oswestry Town Council voted to send '20mph for Oswestry' to a new focus group for Oswestry, rather than direct to Shropshire Council at this point. As I understand it this is so that the area to be designated in/around the town center as 20mph can be identified by consultation with a wider local audience before submission. Shropshire Council have expressed interest that Peace Cycling are part of this focus group.

Watch this space...

We are not there yet Oswestry but hope certainly still is.

Monday 9 September 2013

20mph for Oswestry goes to Shropshire Council Enterprise & Growth Scrutiny Committee

Another milestone was reached today in the progress of the 

20mph petition for Oswestry...

Could go county wide!

Today's Enterprise & Growth Scrutiny Committee saw the petition for Oswestry 20mph receive a largely supportive audience and fair hearing was given. It seems attitudes within the committee are hopeful and those present urged that Oswestry Town Council submit their recent motion of support for 20mph through the new Road Safety Policy system before the end of September 2013.

Highways and Transport will be considering the petition and relevant data under the new Road Safety Policy, this will involve looking county wide across Shropshire for solutions to making our roads safer.

We are not there yet community members 

but hope certainly is.

Thursday 22 August 2013


22.08.12 @ 17.45

1 year ago today a driver who admitted she 'didn't look' struck me down by my back wheel and ran over both my legs with front and back wheels, spitting me out she continued for some distance down the road (12mtr/40ft) finally stopping after dragging my bike along wedged underneath the car gauging a line in the tarmac. I remained conscious throughout, many don't realise the disabling effects of this...

My life remains far from normal and my future career as a Yoga Teacher and Registered Exercise Professional is as yet still unknown...the driver received less than £200 in fines, 9 points on her license and was charged with 'careless!' driving...I

- had emergency surgery & spent 2 weeks in hospital
- had 10 casts over 3 weeks for multiple soft tissue injuries
- still attend hospital at the very least 5 times a week
- have RSD & severe PTSD
- after having an awful solicitor now have an amazing one
- finally have a case manager and a rehabilitation plan
- have pain every single day, occasional highs and incredible lows

BUT I haven't taken it lying down...I've tried to make changes

1. campaigning for 20mph (goes under council scrutiny Sept. '13)
2. campainging for Road Justice with CTC, read and watch my story here :
3. I've met with West Mercia Police to improve road policing :
4. I've raised awareness for countless road safety campaigns too and will continue to do so... 


Thank you to all who support these campaigns, please share them, raise awareness, lets be safer out there on our roads, 'not looking' really changes lives.

Thursday 11 July 2013

CTC Justice Report with West Mercia PCC

Please sign this petition asking your local Police force to pledge to

 improve Roads Policing in YOUR area. 1000's already have! 

Meeting West Mercia Police Crime Commissioner Bill Longmore 
to discuss 'The Role of Police' for CTC #roadjustice

  • According to CTC Road Police numbers in West Mercia dropped 72% between 2002 and 2012, compared to the national average of 29%
  • CTC want to work with West Mercia Police and other forces across the country to help make our roads a safer place to be for VRUs (Vulnerable Road Users)
  • You can view my road victim video here
  • You can support the campaign further by donating or signing up for the newsletter here

    Thank you for helping to make our roads 'safer for all'

Tuesday 4 June 2013

20s Plenty for Oswestry exceeds target 1000 signatures

Peace Cycling is very proud to announce

Over 1000 signatures support 20mph for Oswestry 

Oswestry Town Council supports the scheme

Thank you to all those who have signed and even bigger thank you's to all the volunteers and local businesses working together to support this important road safety campaign. Signatures have now been presented to Shropshire Council.

You can send a letter to boost campaigns chance of success

If you would like to support the campaign further please email where you can request a template campaign letter to send to Keith Barrow, the head of Shropshire Council.

Peace Cycling & the local community working together to make 
"Safer roads for cyclists = Safer roads for ALL"

Sunday 5 May 2013

CTC Cycling Campaign for Justice Reform for Vulnerable Road Users

As an injured cyclist my experience has been documented to demonstrate how the legal system fails to deter bad driving. 

Every year 1000s of VRUs (Vulnerable Road Users) ie pedestrians, cyclist and motor cyclists are injured or killed on UK roads. I am one of 3 UK injured cyclists campaigning for Justice Reform with CTC the National Cycling Charity to improve the way the legal system handles VRUs to improve road safety and ensure justice. 

  • RTCs with VRUs are often not thoroughly investigated by police/coroners, leading the CPS to throw out charges due to lack of evidence/coroner verdicts
  • Drivers at fault are often given the choice of a driver awareness course or accepting a charge
  • Charges of ‘careless’ rather than ‘dangerous’ driving are favoured by the CPS, leaving courts limited to issuing lenient sentences. Failing to; deter bad driving, enforce re-testing or raise driving standards
  • VRUs are more often than not assumed to be the guilty party until proven otherwise
  • There is no guidance or victim support for VRUs following an often life changing RTC

By improving the legal system for VRUs bad drivers will be prosecuted with appropriate punishment. The fear of prosecution and a long-term driving ban/damaging fine will motivate drivers to exercise greater caution.

Find out more and support Road Justice here;

View my story here;

Saturday 4 May 2013

20s Plenty Oswestry Update

20mph Petition Gains Local Backing...

A big thank you to all venues and individuals who are supporting the 20s Plenty campaign for Oswestry. The latest count of signatures is now reaching 870 with a few paper petitions still to collect in...This is well over the quota for scrutiny committee with Shropshire Council and just over 10% of the towns population so things are looking promising.

Peace Cycling having exceeded its original goal is now aiming for 1000 signatures ASAP.

Oswestry Town Council recently voted officially in favour of the proposed 20mph default speed limit and Oswestry Chamber of Commerce held an informal meeting also voting in it's favour.

If you live or work in Oswestry district the online e-petition has now closed and the majority of paper petitions are in, however if you wish to add your support to this road danger reduction campaign please send your details to be added;

Name. Address, Email, Telephone number to

Thursday 14 February 2013

A 10mph speed reduction means injuries are 60% less serious

“20’s Plenty for Us” road danger reduction campaign


please remember to activate the automated confirmation email

OSWESTRY - Honeysuckle, Stuart Barkley Bikes, Radio Cafe, Hobo Florists,

Gobowen Orthopaedic Hospital - Physiotherapy Department, Zion Fitness,
Bodytech Gym,
Walford & North Shropshire College, Oswestry Leisure Centre, Furniture Exchange Scheme,

Get Fizzical Get Fit, Aroma Coffee Shop, Gooseberry, Upstairs Downstairs, Milano's Coffee Shop,

Applewoods, Covent Garden Fruit & Veg, Slim Gym Fitness, Walls Eating House, Willow Gallery,

Fitness To Improve, Vel-Os, Station Pharmacy, The Venue, Derwen College,

Coach House Wynnstay, The Gates, Lawrences Newsagents, 

Woodside School, Hobo, Travelodge, Bookabooks, Honey Pots, N Llyod Opticians, 

Sophies Choice Delicatessen, Marches School, Morda School, Woodside School 

& many, many more 

SHREWSBURY - Stans Cycles, Dave Mellor Cycles, Mid-Shropshire Wheelers,

Shrewsbury Sports Village


Benefits of a default 20mph speed limit

   1/3rd of the country is already signed up for 20mph

   8 million people already live in places committed to 20mph

   20mph means fewer crashes

   on average 20mph creates 20% fewer casualties

   traffic flows smoothly & at a constant speed

   smooth traffic is more efficient & cuts congestion

   Bristol found walking & cycling increased by 20% & for every
  £1 spent implementing 20mph £24 was saved in health costs

   exercise lowers obesity, heart disease and stress

   20mph saves 12% of fuel reducing costs & emissions

   travel times are only effected by 2 minutes of less

   noise pollution is reduced by 40%

   light touch policing can enforce 20mph limits

“It’s hard to find anyone living in a 20mph street who wants it back at 30mph”
for further information visit

Wednesday 30 January 2013


I am pleased to say that paper petitions are filling up fast for 20mph speed limits in Oswestry. The campaign is even spreading further afield in Shropshire and other areas of the UK as interest grows, including Shrewsbury. To be eligible to sign you need to live or work in the area, if you can't get to one of the petition venues please sign the e-petition before 30th April 2013.

 '20mph speed limits in Oswestry' e-petition available to sign;

please only sign the e-petition if you are not signing a paper petition to avoid duplication.

Sign a paper petition for Oswestry;

available at - Honeysuckle, Stuart Barkley Cycles & Radio Cafe.

Sign a paper petition for Shrewsbury;

available at - Stans Cycles.

Starting Your Own Campaign is Easy...

You can get a petition and poster to campaign in your area and a template letter sent to you via email that you can send to your local Councillor.Simply request via email; 

Helping to make our roads "Safer For Cyclists = Safer For All"

Monday 21 January 2013


Over 9,000 have already signed this e-petition for cycle awareness in driving tests

  • The driving theory test currently only has 'optional' cycling awareness questions
  • The practical driving test currently has 'no' specific focus on cyclists
British Cycling supports the motoring organisations call for harder tests including making cycle awareness a core part of driver training with emphasis on how much space a cyclist needs and how to overtake a cyclist safely.

You can make this change happen with a few clicks and help stop people being needlessly killed or injured on our roads...

Petition open to sign until 08/01/2014

Wednesday 9 January 2013


On Wednesday 9th January 2013 I had the 'unexpected' chance to discuss the safety of cyclists on our roads 'live on air' with Jim Hawkins of BBC Shropshire Radio & Emma Bullard of Shropshire County Council. 

You can listen again here until 16th January 2013;
(I'm on air from approx 15mins in up to 30mins )

 '20s Plenty Where People Live' petitions now available to sign for Oswestry;

available at - Honeysuckle, Stuart Barkley Cycles & Radio Cafe.

More petitions coming soon to Shrewsbury. 
If you want to protect your area why not start a petition yourself.

Starting Your Own Campaign is Easy...

You can get a petition and poster to campaign in your area and a template letter sent to you via email that you can send to your local Councillor. Email your inquiries to; 

follow me on Twitter @S_CPeace for update alerts and information on how you can help make our roads "Safer For Cyclists = Safer For All"

Saturday 5 January 2013

Velodrome & Watch This Space...

Tonight see's me taking my trauma therapy to a new level after my cycling RTC. 
I'm off to the Velodrome ?!? Scared - Lots of bikes and unexpected noises - YES! 
Hoping it goes well and brings me one step closer to recovery... wish me luck!
Manchester Velodrome (C) S-C Peace
2013 will be bringing more campaigns and support for existing ones, keep checking this blog to see what you can do to make our roads "safer for cyclists and safer all".

Next week will see the launch of; How you can campaign for '20's Plenty' where you live. Followed swiftly by the creation of a 'Rural Cyclists Wishlist'. 'Ride of Silence' is looking likely for May too.

You can start emailing me direct - peace - with your comments and suggestions for making a 'Rural Cyclists Wishlist' helping cyclists feel safer on our roads. I will be focusing on Shropshire, but there's nothing stopping you from following my lead and campaigning where you live. I look forward to hearing from you.