Monday 24 November 2014

20s Plenty for Oswestry could be 20s Plenty for Shropshire!

20s Plenty for Oswestry spreads its wings...

  • '20s Plenty for Oswestry' continues to gain support and could become '20s Plenty for Shropshire'!

  • Green Party Public Meeting Dec 1st 2014; 20s Plenty is on the agenda and you are invited to attend...

  • '20s Plenty for Oswestry' approach Shropshire County Council to solicit responses from the 3 Local Shropshire Councillors who have failed to respond to numerous requests.

  • Read the newsletter below to find out more;

    20s Plenty for Oswestry Newsletter 04

Thursday 3 July 2014

Road Safety and British Cycling

BBC Poll sparks interview on BBC Radio Shropshire LIVE with Jim Hawkins...

A recent Poll of 3000 people carried out by the BBC suggests

"Roads are 'too dangerous' for cyclists" 

Today I was invited to share my story with BBC Radio Shropshire 
on the Jim Hawkins show.

I became physically and psychologically injured whilst cycling on the road in a serious RTC August 2012 at the sole fault of the motorist. My life was stopped it was turned upside down. I am about to spend my 3rd and possibly 4th stay in hospital. Here's an insight into what happened... 

LISTEN AGAIN HERE 1st - 8th July 2014: from 2.17 

This completely avoidable RTC sensitized me to road safety. I am not against cycling, I am not anti motorist, I am trying to make positive change towards safer roads and an enhanced environment. which generated my research into helping to improve our roads this research led me to 2 important campaigns;

Campaigning for 20mph to become the default speed limit on residential and urban streets. The '20s Plenty for Oswestry' group campaign is supported by; Residents, Commuters, Business Owners, Oswestry Town Council, Local West Mercia Police and the Police Crime Commissioner Bill Longmore...furthermore the Leader of Shropshire County Council happily goes on record saying;

"I openly support 20mph for Oswestry" Keith Barrow 01.07.14

Campaigning with a 3 pronged approach to improving the safety of our roads. A 'Sentencing and Courts' debate was held at Bedford Row, London June 2014 with specialist attendees; Simeon Maskrey QC, Martin Porter QC, Chris Brace, Joseph Giret, Sally Cunningham, Katy Waterman, Liz Evans, Kaya Burgess and Paul Kitson along with RTC victims, road safety campaigners, MPs and the press. You can see sound bites from the event here;

Road Justice aims to ensure that when an RTC occurs; 
  • Police Investigations 
  • Prosecution Levels 
  • Sentencing and Courts 
Are set at an appropriate level.

An overhaul of Sentencing for driving offenses is long overdue and is currently being looked into for revision at all levels.

What can you do to help?

It's time for change on our roads. Spare a few minutes to click on the CTC 'Road Justice' links below and be a part of positive change.

You can also support '20s Plenty for Oswestry' by emailing the 4 Local Shropshire Councillors;

(copy and paste each address into your email)

There are a growing number of campaigns and initiatives to improve road safety and the community;
  • Government Cycle to Work Initiative
  • NICE & Sustainable Transport initiatives to increase active travel 
  • Sustrans #saferstreets
  • The Times #cyclesafe manifesto  
  • Brake National #GO20
... and many many more

Acting now really could make change & save lives!

Tuesday 17 June 2014

20s Plenty for Oswestry Newsletter 17.06.14

Campaign News & General Info…
  • West Mercia Police, Public Health, National Heart Forum, Keith Barrow all support slower speeds.
  • Liz Kessler Urban Designer recognises more walk-able streets boost local business through increased footfall.
  • Oswestry Town Centre has been surveyed with an average speed of 21mph; this means the top speed is approximately 40mph!

  • Shrewsbury will soon benefit from a coherent 20mph scheme across its Town Centre.

  • Over 200 campaigns either implemented or in progress across UK.

  • Implementation of 20mph is inexpensive at less than £5 per person.

  • 80% of people support 20s Plenty where implemented.

  • Shropshire Roads Policy seems to have a technical note that does not quite follow the DfT Guidance where 20mph should be the normal limit for residential streets; it appears that if 1 Local Shropshire Councillor is opposed it could prevent implementation.

Email Local Shropshire Councillors with your support for 20mph…
Keith Barrow, Oswestry South Division
Martin Bennett, Oswestry East Division
Peter Alun Cherrington, Oswestry East Division
Vince Hunt, Oswestry West Division

Some of the many Benefits of 20mph…
  • Improves road safety and reduces injury severity should impact occur.
  • Reduces vehicle running costs, lowers emissions and creates smoother traffic flow at junctions
  • 20mph provides a foundation to increase walking and cycling, reduces health problems and increases visits to local shops.

Many boroughs are using 20mph speed limits to reduce road casualties and encourage more people to walk and cycle. Where shoppers feel safe, higher numbers concentrate and spend rises.” 20s Plenty for Us

Wednesday 21 May 2014

20s Plenty for Oswestry

 20mph Campaign Benefits
This list is not exhaustive

   10mph speed reduction = 60% reduction of injuries severity

   1/3rd of the country is already signed up for 20mph

   13 million people already live in places committed to 20mph

   20mph means fewer crashes

   On average 20mph creates 20% fewer casualties

   Implementation across Oswestry for less than £5 per resident

   Traffic flow is smoother  & more efficient, cutting congestion

   Bristol found walking & cycling increased by 20% & for every
  £1 spent implementing 20mph £24 was saved in health costs

   Active travel increases reduces health issues

   Increased footfall boosts local economy

   20mph is economical saving 12% in fuel costs

   Travel times are effected by 2 minutes or even less

   Nnoise pollution is reduced by 40%

   Light touch policing can enforce 20mph limits

   Rejuvenates communities by enhancing the environment

   80% of people support 20s Plenty where implemented

   UK wide 73% want it for their community

Tuesday 20 May 2014

20s Plenty for Oswestry Group

"Speed cut campaign team ready for action"

Shropshire Star
The '20s Plenty for Oswestry' group is growing in number along with the campaign which is spreading the message that 20mph really is plenty for the market town of Oswestry

Read the full article here;

Friday 4 April 2014

20's Plenty for Oswestry gains further support

Oswestry Town Mayor Chris Schofield, 20s Plenty for Oswestry, Rod King MBE 31.03.14

“Welcome to Oswestry” was the message from Town Mayor Councillor Chris Schofield to Rod King MBE before the public meeting at the Walls restaurant. Rod is the founder of 20's Plenty.

The Town Council welcomed Rod King MBE to an informal meeting held at Oswestry Guild Hall prior to the 7pm public meeting 31.03.14. At this informal meeting 20mph, DfT Guidelines and the Roads Policy for Shropshire County Council were discussed.

Rod explained;

·      229 local 20mph campaigns are in place across the UK
·      13 million people in the UK now live in 20mph residential and town centre areas
·      20mph implementation is inexpensive

Campaign Support in addition to petition;

·      Oswestry Town Council has endorsed 20mph for Oswestry
·      West Mercia Police are supportive of this campaign
·      All attendees of the public meeting sceptic or otherwise confirmed there support for
    20mph in Oswestry

What’s next?

  • A group will now form to secure multi agency support for this campaign with the aim of successful evaluation and implementation. Let me know if you can be a part of this via email

  • The next stage is to secure the support of Local Shropshire Councillors. Please contact them to demonstrate your support for 20mph in Oswestry.

Keith Barrow, Oswestry South Division

Martin Bennett, Oswestry East Division

Peter Alun Cherrington, Oswestry East Division
Vince Hunt, Oswestry West Division

Thursday 3 April 2014


More Media Coverage...

Chronicle 03.04.14
Local Cyclist Group Vel-Os supporting 20mph for Oswestry

Oswestry Town Council  01.04.14
Town Mayor welcomes Rod King MBE to Guildhall 

Shropshire Star 01.04.14
Road Safety Campaign's Founder Speaks out at Town 20's Plenty Meeting

Free Radio Shropshire 31.03.14
Town Meeting 'How 20s Plenty for Oswestry' 

BBC Radio Shropshire 27.04.14
Featuring Rod King MBE

Chroncicle 27.03.14
Calls to Support Meeting Over Speed
Meeting on 20mph Limit

Shropshire Star 27.03.14
Crash Victim Campaigns for 20mph Limit

Advertizer 25.03.14
20mph Zone Fight Steps up a Gear

I Heart SY March 2014
20s Plenty Campaign Public Meeting
(page 9)

Chronicle 27.02.14
National Award for 20mph Campaigner

Shropshire Star 22.02.14
National Award for 20mph Campaigner

Monday 10 February 2014

Green Party Recognition

20s Plenty for Oswestry gets more support

Green Party Newsletter reads;
"A Tireless Campaigner

One of the best things about being a Town Councillor is the amazing local people you meet. People like Sarah-Charlotte Peace who has dedicated her time to campaigning to reduce road accidents by introducing 20mph limits on residential streets. These zones don’t just reduce accidents, by encouraging cycling and walking they also improve health and boost the local economy. At a recent Council meeting I had the pleasure of working with Sarah to secure the support of the Town Council for her campaign."

Duncan Kerr, Oswestry Town Council

Monday 3 February 2014

20mph for Oswestry Double Endorsement

Oswestry Town Council have now endorsed 

'20mph for Oswestry' TWICE! 

Oswestry Town Council are still awaiting feedback from Shropshire Council...

Did you know...

  • Oswestry has the highest percentage of car travel in Shropshire
  • The majority of children travel by private car or taxi to school
  • Oswestry town centre is heading for gridlock by 2026
    (ref: Shropshire County Council LSTF - Local Sustainable Transport Fund)

    Something has got to change to make Oswestry a better place to be

    '20s plenty for us' founder Rod King (MBE)

    will be delivering an informative open public conference at
    The Walls, Oswestry 31st March 2013 7-9pm

    All residents, commuters and Councillors are invited, welcomed and indeed encouraged to attend.