Wednesday 21 May 2014

20s Plenty for Oswestry

 20mph Campaign Benefits
This list is not exhaustive

   10mph speed reduction = 60% reduction of injuries severity

   1/3rd of the country is already signed up for 20mph

   13 million people already live in places committed to 20mph

   20mph means fewer crashes

   On average 20mph creates 20% fewer casualties

   Implementation across Oswestry for less than £5 per resident

   Traffic flow is smoother  & more efficient, cutting congestion

   Bristol found walking & cycling increased by 20% & for every
  £1 spent implementing 20mph £24 was saved in health costs

   Active travel increases reduces health issues

   Increased footfall boosts local economy

   20mph is economical saving 12% in fuel costs

   Travel times are effected by 2 minutes or even less

   Nnoise pollution is reduced by 40%

   Light touch policing can enforce 20mph limits

   Rejuvenates communities by enhancing the environment

   80% of people support 20s Plenty where implemented

   UK wide 73% want it for their community