Monday 10 February 2014

Green Party Recognition

20s Plenty for Oswestry gets more support

Green Party Newsletter reads;
"A Tireless Campaigner

One of the best things about being a Town Councillor is the amazing local people you meet. People like Sarah-Charlotte Peace who has dedicated her time to campaigning to reduce road accidents by introducing 20mph limits on residential streets. These zones don’t just reduce accidents, by encouraging cycling and walking they also improve health and boost the local economy. At a recent Council meeting I had the pleasure of working with Sarah to secure the support of the Town Council for her campaign."

Duncan Kerr, Oswestry Town Council

Monday 3 February 2014

20mph for Oswestry Double Endorsement

Oswestry Town Council have now endorsed 

'20mph for Oswestry' TWICE! 

Oswestry Town Council are still awaiting feedback from Shropshire Council...

Did you know...

  • Oswestry has the highest percentage of car travel in Shropshire
  • The majority of children travel by private car or taxi to school
  • Oswestry town centre is heading for gridlock by 2026
    (ref: Shropshire County Council LSTF - Local Sustainable Transport Fund)

    Something has got to change to make Oswestry a better place to be

    '20s plenty for us' founder Rod King (MBE)

    will be delivering an informative open public conference at
    The Walls, Oswestry 31st March 2013 7-9pm

    All residents, commuters and Councillors are invited, welcomed and indeed encouraged to attend.